Our Trip to the Museum

Digging up dinosaur "bones"

Seeing how we measure up to a dinosaur.

Daddy and Mackenzie's first look at the T-Rex.

We are starting some seeds inside for mom's garden. Hopefully with her green thumb I won't kill every one of them :)
A sweet pic of the girls. Unfortunately they were in the tub, so the camera got all fogged up!

Mackenzie loves to "read" to Aubrey now. It is so cute.

We are kinda tired of snow, but at least the girls look adorable in their snow clothes!


New Year's Eve

I am SO FAR behind on my blogging! Here it is almost Mackenzie's birthday and I am just now getting Christmas pics up. Anyway, I have a ton, but here are just a few of my favorites from Christmas time.
The girls are just getting so big and OLD! I can't believe we are about to have a four year old (going on 14 with her attitude lately!) Mackenzie is now in a phase where she is very fearful of the dark, being by herself, something is always scaring her. But, she has such an active imagination, I think that is most of the problem. She also just makes us laugh all the time, and she says some deep things as well! The other day she told me "mommy you just need to forgive me for getting into your bed at night. Sometimes I just want to snuggle." She is too funny.
Aubrey is a HAM. She still isn't talking, but she gets her point across perfectly. She adores her sissy and drives her crazy because she always wants to be right where she is.
In other news, our house is off the market for the time being. We are looking at refinancing and renting it out for a year or two while we wait for the market to pick up a bit. Hopefully that will free us to rent something in Longmont (not that we aren't loving where we are, because we are SO blessed to be in the situation we are in).
Matt is doing a fantastic job at the church, although still dealing with some culture shock.
I will try to do better with updating, promise ;)


This is miss Aubrey's hair when I don't have it clipped back.
Girls in their snow gear.
Christmas parade downtown.
The girls got a purple tree for their room! It is so cute and they love it.
Picking out a Christmas tree.

Mommy's birthday party!


These are all pictures I took at my inlaws house last week. We went out to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving and the girls had a great time playing on Nanny and Papa's farm. Mackenzie especially likes the tractor! Aubrey of course loves the animals.

Aubrey Grace is always climbing on something. Now that she has figured out she can get on top of the table and chairs, I can't keep her down!
Mackenzie holding some of her dinosaurs. She LOVES them right now and can tell you the names of all of them. She knows about dinosaurs that I have never heard of!

Mackenzie got her hair cut a couple of weeks ago - she looks so grown up <3

Aubrey and Charley are very best friends. He adores her because she feeds him all the time and that's pretty much all it takes with him :)


Mackenzie got her ears pierced! She has been talking about it for a few months and on halloween she said she wanted to do it. She was really brave and just cried for a minute afterwards, but she loves them. Now if only I could get her to let me clean them without a fuss...
Went for a hike at Hermit Park outside of Estes. The snow was still really DEEP in the shade!


Mackenzie when we put pumpkin goo on her hand - she is such a priss <3
She had fun once we wiped it off.

Watching the parade with Grammy and Peepaw.

Trick or treat!!

Mackenzie checking out her treats, Aubrey found some cheerios and was more interested in those.

Snow White and daddy.

All us girls.