Aubrey's new favorite game - SO stinkin' cute.

Aubrey at our playdate the other day. She was putting all the chalk pieces back in to the little container!
Mackenzie and her best little friend Maddie. They are so cute together.
Kenz picking flowers in the yard the other day. We are so enjoying being outside.
We got a storm/screen door for our back door!!! Yay! It is so nice to have that breeze in the house, and both of the girls love looking out the window (and yes, Mackenzie did pick out her own outfit).
Aubrey was so worn out after church last week, she fell asleep right in her high chair.



Hunting Easter Eggs.

Mommy and Aubrey watching the hunt.

Aubrey checking out her basket.

Mackenzie finding her basket.

Bree and Kenz.

Daddy and Kenzie checking out the bunny tracks that a certain rabbit left during naptime.

Aubrey flirting with the camera.

Pretty egg.

My girly girl showing off her dress.

Here are some pictures from our Easter Day. As you can probably tell, it was not the greatest weather! The saturday before was gorgeous and sunny, but of course sunday was rainy and cold. We did get a small break in the weather so we ran outside and did a quick egg hunt!