12 Month Checkup

Kenzie in her new carseat.

She climbed all the way in to the cabinet the other day!

Kenzie looking cute on her trike.

Today Mackenzie had her 12 month check up. She pretty much cried from the time we walked into the exam room until we left the building. I think she must remeber the last time we were there for her ear infection. Other than that, she is just fine. The doctor is still a little concerned about her weight gain. She is now 28" tall and 17 lbs 13 oz. We think she is perfect, though!


Mackenzie's Birthday Party

Mackenzie and her cousin Madison reading some new books.

Mackenzie opening birthday presents.

Kenzie trying on the ADORABLE poncho that Grandma knit for her.

Playing with cousin Destiny.

Opening an early present from Bryce and Brenda.

Kenzie's birthday cake, made by Grandma and Mommy

Posing on her new trike

Daddy's got his hands full with Kenzie and cousin Karlee.

Kenzie's birthday hat and bib - "The Big 1"


Our Week So Far...

Mackenzie and Daddy doing their favorite thing.

Mackenzie showing off her "pretty"

Here's a good shot of Kenzie's teeth. She is cutting more this week and has been pretty miserable at night.

Right after nap time - I love her rosy cheeks. :)



Mackenzie found an ice cube on the kitchen floor the other day. It was so funny watching her play with it and try to keep ahold of it. She also learned to say "brrrrrrrr" (what with the weather here being like it has been), so she kept saying it while she was holding the ice cube.

Her other new word is "off". The light switch in her bedroom is right above her changing table, so every time we change her diaper we tell her "off" and "on" while she plays with the light switch. She can now say "off" very clearly and is working on saying "on". She also has another new word that we aren't too sure about, but it rhymes with "grass" if you get my drift. :) Hopefully she won't show that one off in the church nursery!

The other big excitement in our life is that we have started looking for a house to buy. We are all pre-approved for a loan as of Friday, and we are house hunting on the weekends and every night on the internet. It is a very different market around here than it was in Illinois/Iowa. There is a lot for sale, but there doesn't seem to to a lot "in the middle," so to speak. There are a lot of beautiful new houses and a lot of really dumpy old houses, but not too many pre-owned, built in the last 30 years, in decent shape homes. And most of the houses around here are 3 bed, 2 bath, no basement - quite a bit smaller than our house in Illinois. But, I'm sure that we will find something eventually, and in the mean time we are blessed to have a roof over our heads, and even 2 bathrooms in our duplex. So we can't complain.

And by the way, Happy Birthday tomorrow, Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day!


So Pretty...

The first of many daddy-daughter beauty shops, I'm sure!


Bathtime Fun

Daddy did my hair after I got out of the bath!

Letting Daddy cuddle me after bathtime.


Hungry Hippo

Top pic is Mackenzie riding her hippo that she got for Christmas. It is supposed to eat blocks, but Matt pushes her on it and eats all kinds of things (like her farm animals) and adds in sound effects, too. She loves it. The bottom two are Kenzie trying to catch bubbles the other day. She also likes to try and catch them with her mouth. We have had a very relaxing day today. The staff decided to cancel church for tonight because of an ice storm that we are getting. Matt has had a rare Sunday night off and is watching football, and I have been cleaning out our file cabinet. Mackenzie got ahold of an old credit card about 20 minutes ago and has not put it down. She is crawling all over the place with it in her hand. Does this mean she is going to be a shopper?!



Dumb Blogger always puts my pictures out of order. Anyway, the middle two are Mackenzie opening and shutting the door. This is one of her new favorite activities. Not just doors, but also cabinets of any kind. She has her own cabinet in the kitchen that is full of stuff for her to play with. She likes that, but she would rather get into mommy's other cabinets and pull out cooking stuff or trash. She gets really ticked when I won't let her and has also started throwing little temper tantrums. It is a little humorous, but I try not to laugh - she is serious, you know. The top picture is her bonking Greyson with her head. I have no idea where she picked this up, but she follows him around banging into him with her head. The bottom picture is Kenzie looking cute before we left to go to the store the other day. She still loves bottles of any kind.


More Pictures From Our Trip

Sad, I know. Mackenzie trying to change the channel with the remote.

Kenzie is quite the little dancer these days. She grooves to any music she hears, and at my parent's house she would crawl over to the speaker and start dancing to ask for someone to put music on.

Kenzie playing with Charley.

I'm not sure how many peas she ate - I think most of them got squished and wiped on her face and hair.

Mackenzie helping out with the laundry.

My mom got my dad a kitten for Christmas. Her name is Sheba, and Mackenzie loved playing with her.

Here is a picture of Mackenzie with her Great Grandma!

Mackenzie and I flew back to Colorado on Sunday. We had an interesting trip with a few delays and one stinky diaper on the plane. But we finally made it! If I tell you that Matt accidently left our luggage in the parking lot because he was so busy talking to Mackenzie, don't mention it to him, okay? :) We did get our bags back and are getting back into our Arkansas routine. Above are just a few more random pictures from our trip for your viewing pleasure.