Mackenzie and her best friend Maddie at Ballet.
Showing off her new moves.

Aubrey trying out uncle Tristan's glasses.

Mackenzie found a seat just her size.
Aubrey Grace hanging out on the rocks.

Mackenzie and Aubrey splashing around in Grammy's fish barrel.

On the patio.

At the tubs.

PJ Party

So the past month has been hectic, to say the least. We went out to Colorado for my mom's (early) birthday and came home with a job offer. Well, technically Matt came home with a job offer :) He will be taking over the high school youth ministry position at LifeBridge CC in Longmont. We are so excited and also sad to be leaving Prairie Grove and the church here. We are moving in one week (!) so we are also very busy trying to see people, get packed up, and get stuff lined up for the next year for the church (again, that would be Matt). But I was feeling so bad about not updating, so here are some highlights from the month.


Here are some recent pictures of the girls! They are both doing so well. Mackenzie just started a ballet and tap class last week - she loves it so far and is doing great! This is her first "real" class besides sunday school and MOPS. She is still all about the princesses. The other day in walmart I lost her - she was right behind me and I turned the corner and she was gone. It was SO scary - the only thing that kept me from totally freaking out is that she was singing like Ariel, so I could hear her the whole time. She ended up being two isles away - still have no idea how she managed that.
Aubrey is still not a fan of sleeping, but besides that she is adorable and fun and perfect. She and Mackenzie are playing together more and more which is so sweet to see - they really love each other. Mackenzie tells everyone "This is my baby sister Aubrey Grace. She likes animals."
We are headed to CO tomorrow! We are flying out, part of my mom's 50th birthday gift from my dad! Yay for not driving! Mackenzie is so excited, she has been packing her backpack, and she even got a new little princess for the airplane ride.