We have been spending a lot of time outside in the pool this week, as it has been very hot! The other day I asked Mackenzie if she wanted a drink - I meant from her sippy cup, but she thought I meant from the hose, so she just started slurping away! Oh well, that's one of those things you just have to do as a child, I guess!
Mackenzie took this picture herself! I actually think its very cute.
Here is Kenzie talking to Grandma on the phone. Doesn't she look like she's about 15 years old?!
For some reason, Mackenzie prefers to color on her skin rather than paper. I made the mistake of giving her markers instead of her usual crayons to color with. I turned around for a minute and this is what she did. You can't see, but it goes all the way around her neck and down her side. We think maybe she has a future as a tattoo artist!


Well, as you can see we have been busy with lots of summer fun! Mackenzie is changing so fast. Her favorite activities right now are pushing things around the house (top picture), like the laundry basket, her leap table, or her doll stroller; and practicing new words. The other day at breakfast she said the word "apple" over and over again for two minutes straight. No, seriously. "apPLE, apPLE, apPlE, apPlE..." When I was telling Matt about it at lunch she started up again. She has also started walking around the house yelling for Matt - but she calls him Ma. With kind of a screech in her voice. "MA!!! MA!!! MA!!!" Matt is not too thrilled about it and told me that maybe I need to check my tone when I am talking to him =) .
A few days ago we had a rainy day, so I got Kenz some play dough. She really liked playing with it, and only tasted it once.
Today we went to this drive through zoo thing and petting area with our MOPS group. She had a great time and spent the whole drive pointing out the window saying "wow, coo!" She also liked the petting zoo a lot!


We went to Sonic last night to get ice cream, and daddy wanted to get Kenzie her own! She made a huge mess, but had a lot of fun.
Mackenzie and her cousin Madison swimming on the Fourth of July at Nanny and Papa's house.
Mackenzie was just lounging around watching Madison jump in and out of the pool.
Destiny found a lizard and Matt brought it over to see what the little girls would think about it. Madison wanted to grab it, but Kenz just kind of poked it once or twice.
Happy Fourth of July!