Christmas with the Tibbits

Mackenzie doing yoga.

The little girls playing with their beads and tea party set.

Aubrey with her gifts.

Kenzie unwrapping her pop beads - those things are so fun!



Houston and Bailey

Destiny and Madison

Christmas in the Square

Here is a picture of Mackenzie feeding Aubrey. Aubrey is really not a fan of solid food at this point - when I try and feed her she clamps her little lips shut. But Kenz jumped up on the chair and tried the other day, and she ate for her! So now I let Mackenzie try and Aubrey does so much better for her! She also likes to take the spoon and feed herself, which is just a little on the messy side!

We took the girls to the square the other day (actually for our anniversay - 5 years!). They have an amazing light display, horses, camels, reindeer, even Santa (who Mackenzie calls Samuel). It was tons of fun.


Mackenzie holding mommy's birthday balloon and looking at our first snowfall of the year!
Here she is with blue christmas balls - she has been wanting some for weeks and she carried them around all day.

Mackenzie is a little bit ocd :)

Aubrey trying out the high chair - she is such a big girl.

All the little girls on Thanksgiving - Madison, Mackenzie, Karlee, and Jacie.

Well, once again a month has come and gone and my blog has been neglected. Here are some recent events from our neck of the woods.
~ Aubrey had her first bottle. Yes, she is 6 months old and has never had a bottle - hey it is just easier to nurse her. But, I really wanted to go shopping on black friday with my good friend Brenda sans kiddos - who wants to take kids into that madness?! So we attempted a bottle. She did okay, didn't eat too much, but she survived the day!
~ Aubrey also had her first try at real food. She mostly likes grabbing the spoon but so far does not like cereal at all. We may try moving on to a different type of food and see if that goes over a little better.
~ We went to a Christmas parade and it was cold! But we had a lot of fun and both of the girls loved looking at the lights.


And here are some of our halloween pics! Mackenzie was a fairy, but when you asked she said, "no I am not a fairy. This is my pretty halloween dress." lol. We had a lot of fun - went trick or treating at the Fayetteville square and then at the mall. Mackenzie got the hang of it really quickly!

Fall Fun

Oops, this one should be last - the final product
Picking a pumpkin
cool hay

daddy and his girls

mommy's turn
I LOVE this one

Mackenzie's "baby" pumpkins

sweet girls