What a big girl!

Here's my big girl this week - she is pulling up and pushing up on everything now. The second picture is her giving daddy a big hug, and the bottom picture is her eating with her spoon. She thinks it is great fun. I put some food on it and hand it to her, and she puts it in her mouth. If she doesn't get all the food off, she picks it off with her fingers and eats it that way. It's pretty cute. But she always gets the correct end in her mouth, which is amazing!


My Baby Is 10 Months Old Today...

And she has been doing all kinds of new things and growing up way too fast. In the past week she has said "Mama" for the first time (and I think she was actually referring to me!), she has been pushing up to her feet all over the place, she held her own spoon at lunch today, she handed me a ball, she actually tried to put her hat ON rather than taking it off, and she started dancing every time any music comes on. The picture above is her doing "Touchdown!" which Grandpa taught her while we were in Colorado. Matt turned on a football game the other day and she did it without us even telling her to. It is so much fun and so sad at the same time! She is such a little person anymore, but I miss my little baby, too! (By the way, can you tell Matt got her dressed?!)


Chasing Daddy!

Mackenzie and Daddy like to play "chase" around the chair. Mackenzie thinks it is so fun to catch him (and Matt thinks it's just as fun!) It is so cute!


Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving! We have had a very busy and fun weekend so far. Our good friends Bryce and Brenda, and their two little boys, Jayden and Josiah, are in town visiting Bryce's family. They came over for dinner on Wednesday night and we got to meet little Josiah for the first time! Mackenzie had fun playing with Jayden (until he took the book that she was looking at!), and wanted to grab Josiah's hair. On Thursday we went to Matt's Grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner. The two bottom pictures are of Mackenzie with Papa, and Kenzie with her cousins Madison and Jacie. Today Mackenzie and I went shopping with Brenda and some of Bryce's family. We had a great time, and got a little bit of shopping done! Matt also surprised me today with an early birthday present - he installed a cd player in our car, which will make our drive to Colorado a lot more fun!


Colorado Pictures

Some highlights from our trip to Colorado - I am trying to make up for two weeks with no pictures! Here is Mackenzie and Grandma.
Mackenzie was giving Grandpa lots of hugs last night.
Uncle Tristan and Mackenzie.
Mackenzie reading Uncle Tristan's book.
Playing in Grandma's tupperware cabinet.
Playing with Bill.
One of Kenzie's new favorite games - knocking over the tower of blocks that Grandpa got for her.
Visiting with Great Grandpa, and in this picture, Great Grandma Becky.
Laughing at one of Grandma and Grandpa's doggies.

Mackenzie and I had two good flights today. We ran into Great Grandpa and Grandma Becky at the airport! What a fun surprise! Our first flight left at 6:30 this morning, so we were really tired today. On our first flight Mackenzie was flirting with everyone, and didn't fuss at all during either flight. She is such a good little traveler - it probably has something to do with the fact that she has been traveling since she was 5 weeks old. :)



I am a horrible blogger! I'm sorry it has been so long since I posted last... Mackenzie and I have been in Colorado visiting my family. Of course, I remembered to pack my camera but forgot the cord to put the pics on the computer here, but I will post a bunch when we get home.

We have had a great time, and have been really busy! We have seen a lot of family, done a lot of shopping :), and been to Starbucks several times! Mackenzie is just charming everyone. She is getting less shy around "strangers", and loves to flirt with people. She is crawling all over the place, still not sleeping very well, and cutting four teeth on top - one just popped through yesterday. She also said "doggy" clear as day, and Grandma heard it too! She loves the dogs, and gets really excited every time they come in the house.

Kenz did really well on the way out here. She slept through the whole first flight, and was great on the second, so I am hopeful for the trip home. We leave on Monday, really early in the morning. I promise I will post lots of Colorado pictures as soon as we get home (after I take a nap!).

Have a great weekend everybody!


9 Month Pictures

Here are a few of Mackenzie's 9 month/Fall pictures. I didn't even get one of her just looking at the camera and smiling because she was too busy playing with the pumpkins and trying to pick the flowers. But they still turned out cute!


Our Little Butterfly!

Finally, here is a few pictures of Mackenzie in her costume. She was an adorable butterfly!



I have been trying to post Mackenzie's halloween pictures since last night, and blogger is not letting me! She looked adorable, and I promise I will keep trying to post them. I want you all to see her cute costume since she was sick last wednesday and didn't get to go to the Harvest Festival at the church. So the only ones who saw her were Matt and I!

Kenz is slowly getting over this cold, I hope. She is still congested and coughing a little, but no fever. She is officially crawling on hands and knees. I thought she was fast and busy before, but it was nothing compared to now! She has zero interest in her toys, for the most part, and wants to play with leaves that have blown in our front door, the cat bowls, electrical cords, and our shoes. And of course her favorite place to be is on the hard kitchen floor. She has fallen and hit her head more in the past three days than in the entire first nine months of her life - and I have a feeling it's only going to get worse! But it is also a ton of fun - she is so much more interactive than before, and can actually come to us when we call her.

Matt will be out of town this weekend for a high school retreat, and then Mackenzie and I will be leaving on Tuesday to go to Colorado for our annual "Pre-Thanksgiving" visit. Please pray for us! We are flying and have a layover!