Mackenzie got a big girl bed this weekend! She was soooo excited about it. I have been putting it off for a long time now, but over the last week she has been climbing out of her crib almost every day. So I decided a big bed would be easier to deal with than a broken leg! She is doing great so far. She did fall out of it once last night, but we had pillows on the floor so it just scared her a little bit. This morning she just sat in there and yelled for Matt, so I don't think she realizes that she can just get out of it yet. I'm not planning on telling her anytime soon lol. I can't believe my baby is in a bed - it seems like just yesterday we were moving her from the cradle to her crib, and she looked so tiny.


Here are a few new pics of my girls! Mackenzie is just cracking us up these days. Here are just a few things that have come out of her mouth:
- (while holding up a spatula that she was using on play do) "look mama- a signal flare!" She got that one from her new Veggie Tales, Big River Rescue
- While we were walking at the park yesterday- "The woods are fraught with danger" She got that one from the Heffalump movie.
- "Aubrey, you are my best friend." awwwwwww.
- "Jesus is going to help find my baby because he loves me soooo much." A little background on that one, we took her little baby doll (that she has been sleeping with since she was 5 months old) to a parade and the clothesline fair. She disappeared somewhere in Prairie Grove and we have not been able to locate her. Apparently Jesus will be helping us :0) .
Anyway, she is super cute and I think brilliant. It is really fun hearing all the stuff she comes up with.
Aubrey is trying to cut a couple of teeth, and we are trying to figure out this whole napping business, so that has been challenging. But, when she is awake and not getting tired, she is so cute. She loves to just chatter away and she is getting really good at putting stuff in her mouth. She is also really close to rolling over.


We switched the girls around in the double stroller! Aubrey is just big enough to sit withough her carseat, although I had to put some blankets around her. She loves the new view! And Mackenzie gets to sit in the front, which she loves.

We had a yard sale on Saturday, and Mackenzie thought it would be fun to decorate Aubrey with price stickers :)

The top picture is Aubrey, the bottom one is Mackenzie at about the same age. Think they are going to look alike???!