Our good friends Bryce and Brenda and their kids came to visit us on their way to a wedding. Mackenzie loved playing with Jayden, and especially Jayden's V-Tech video game.
Here is Kenzie with their other little guy, Josiah.
Here is Kenzie visiting the neighbor's dog, Cocoa. She LOVES him, every time we go outside she wants to spend the whole time petting him through the fence. Unfortunately, they are moving - she is going to be heartbroken :(
It was finally hot enough today to let Mackenzie play in her little swimming pool that we got for Memorial Day! I never thought I would have to say that in Arkansas! She wasn't too sure about it at first, but after awhile she really started to have fun, and then of course she didn't want to get out.


Mackenzie looking out the window, still in her pajamas.
I think she's going to be a drummer like her uncle!
My inlaws came over for Memorial day, and Mackenzie got to play with her cousins. Here she is with Karlee, who is 8 months old but just about the same height as Kenz :)
Today we got a big surprise in the mail! Mackenzie's great grandma sent her an adorable dress and a pair of pants. Kenz was so excited and carried them around all afternoon.


Painting Fun

Here are some pictures of Mackenzie painting yesterday. She has such a good time; as you can see, more than the paper gets painted! I love the top picture - she started sitting criss cross on her own, and I think she looks like such a big girl!


Mackenzie is such a girly girl, she goes through the drawers in the bathroom and finds her clippies for us to put in her hair. Daddy is getting really good at it!
We were all out in the yard last weekend (we actually got our "lawn" seeded, now all we need is a privacy fence and we will be set, but man those things are expensive!!!) and anyway, Mackenzie was playing so well in the dirt until she got into some mud, and then she got really ticked off! She was filthy, I stripped her outside and gave her a sponge bath in the sink.

Kenz loves walking around with oven mitts on her hands. It makes playing with other stuff kind of difficult!


Here is Mackenzie a few days ago - the top picture is her carrying around a ball that is bigger than her! It is the funniest thing to watch - she walks, and throws it, and goes after it, and does it all again! The bottom picture is her trying to climb up her slide, cause we can't just do things the normal way, that's no fun!


Top Ten
ways you know that your baby is now a toddler

10. Meals are an aerobic exercise as you wipe up the floor, try to get her to eat off a spoon, and get up 6 times for a washcloth, a new spoon, more applesauce, and, oh yeah, your dinner.

9. She finally learned the word "NO" and it is sometimes accompanied by a hitting motion.

8. She discovered that tearing pages out of books is almost as fun as having a book read to you.

7. If it is quiet for more than 30 seconds, chances are the kleenex box is empty or the toilet paper is being unrolled.

6. She tells you she is done with a bowl of pudding by throwing it onto the floor with enough force to splatter it up the kitchen wall three feet away.

5. You never, ever leave the house without goldfish, cheerios, or graham crackers.

4. You realize that you are "That Family" in the restaurant who everyone is looking at because you can't get your kid to stop screaming.

3. You don't even attempt to fold laundry until nap time because she pulls them off the couch faster than you can fold.

2. You search for her shoes for 15 minutes and finally find them in the trash can.

1. You get unlimited spontaneous hugs and kisses all day long, and you finally know that she likes you for more than just changing her and feeding her.

*Just as a side note, all ten of these have actually happened in the past two weeks, so we are pretty sure that we officially have a toddler now :)*


Coloring a picture.
Pushing baby around on the trike.
Jacie, Tolken holding Karlee, Madison, and Mackenzie.
Mackenzie looking at flowers at the restaurant.
The best Mother's Day present :)

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all of the wonderful moms out there! We have been so busy this weekend, and our internet has been off for a few days (long story). On Friday Matt mowed our jungle, oops, I mean our yard. You know its bad when the neighbor boy comes over and tells you that his mom sent him over to see if we need to borrow their lawn mower. But, anyway, it had been rainy for a week, so he had an excuse! Matt ended up with a lovely lawn and a terrible sunburn, and when Matt gets burned, he has these weird fits where he feels like someone is poking him with needles all over his skin. I mean, it is so bad that he just paces around and tries not to hit the wall. Weird, I know. I have never even heard of anyone else having this strange condition, and we have yet to find something that helps, except remembering sunscreen in the first place! So, he is feeling a little better today finally. On Saturday we went to a cookout at Matt's aunt's house, where we met some of his more distant family for the first time (third pic down is some of the cousins together). Poor Kenzie woke up with a little fever and a cold on Saturday, but since we were outside all day she was still a happy camper! On Sunday we all woke up with her cold! But, we still had a nice day, went to church, came home so she could have a nap, and then went to Kohls and got some summer clothes! We went out to dinner at Outback where we waited 45 minutes for a table and another 30 for our food. But we still had a good time (bottom two pics are us waiting for our table!).
PS - Aunt Martha, congrats on becoming a grandma, that is so weird! I love his name! And Grandma, Kenz is still pretty much in a 12 month right now. I am thinking she will probably stay in 12m for the summer and be in an 18m this fall, unless she has a huge growth spurt! I hope we get to see you all soon!


15 Month Check Up!

Mackenzie had her 15 month check up yesterday. We think she is about 19.5 lbs - it was kind of hard to get an exact number because she was thrashing around, screaming, and trying to throw herself off the scale. Tons of fun. But anyway, she is still in the 10th percent for weight and the 25th for height, so she is staying on the same growth curve. Everything else looks great! She is meeting all of the milestones - saying about 15 words, can stack a block, climb up stairs (she loves this when she gets a chance!), can point to about 8 body parts, pretty much just brilliant =) . Sorry, I had to brag a little, its my blog! So aside from the screaming anytime anyone came near her, she did fine. She did have to get two shots, so we went to Barnes and Noble afterwards and shared a cookie and got her a new book, which made us both feel better!


I made Mackenzie some pudding the other day - as you can see, she LOVED it. She started out eating with her spoon, and pretty soon just dug in with her hands. I think its going to be a once a month treat!!!
Daddy surprised Kenzie the other day with a jogging stroller so that he can take her for runs in the park. It is really nice for me too, because I get to finish fixing supper without anybody hanging on my leg :)
Splish splashing in some soapy water. Yeah, that turned out to be a pretty big mess, too.
Hanging out with daddy and Greyson.


Playing with her dolly - she loves to take her into the bath tub and wash her, and then put lotion on the doll while we are doing her's.
Sportin' daddy's pink (yes, pink) aviators.
I think she might be a little young to start reading Little Women - what do you think?!
Playing outside a few days ago before the never ending rain storm started.