Helping Grammy shuck corn!
Mackenzie's first swim of the year - the pool looked a lot bigger on the box, but she still had a blast! And that's me, about 5 days overdue I think.

Mackenzie giving Maggie a drink. Yes, we have a dog now. Long story, and yes, we are crazy :) .
We are still waiting for baby Aubrey to show up! She is a week late today. The doctor did want to induce (he had set the date for yesterday), but after doing some research on inductions I decided to have them push the date back, so we have a few more days to get this baby here on our own!


We took Grammy to the duck pond!

Mackenzie didn't want to go down this slide the first time and daddy kind of gave her a little push - after that we couldn't keep her off of it :)

This child absolutely LOVES picking flowers. She probably spent 45 minutes outside today picking clover in our yard, and then another half an hour sorting all her flowers inside. She is so funny, we think maybe she will be a florist when she grows up!


We have had a very busy, fun weekend. On Thursday night Matt's family came over for an early Mother's Day get together. Mackenzie had a great time playing with her cousins. Friday morning we left for Tulsa and went to the zoo. The second picture down was probably the highlight of the trip - a penguin was swimming right up against the glass and would look right at you. Mackenzie LOVES penguins, so she was just thrilled. We also rode on the train at the zoo, which she also loved. Friday night Matt took her swimming in the hotel pool. She got really brave and was jumping in to Matt. Saturday we picked up my mom at the airport. And today we have just had a nice laid back Mother's Day. Matt and Mackenzie got me a necklace with two circle charms - each one has one of the girl's names on it. I love it! I am one very lucky mommy :) .


Here are a few random pictures from the past week or so. Summer is coming! We have just been spending lots of time outside, at the park, eating popsicles. And of course, waiting for baby to get here!