Bumbo Seat

Kenz in her Bumbo seat - it is the best baby seat I've ever seen. It doesn't have straps and it's almost impossible for her to fall out.

Grandma and Kenzie

Kenzie in Grandma's lap after bathtime.

The Guys and Kenz

Uncle Tristan, Grandpa, and Kenzie - we miss you guys!


The Great Regression

Kenz seems to have done some major backsliding in the sleep department the past few nights. She started by waking up and INSISTING on eating two times one night, something she has not done since she was a few weeks old. The next night Grandma and Grandpa had the idea to try and keep her up later - makes sense, right? If she's up later, she'll be more tired and sleep later... well, it's better in theory than it turned out to be in reality. The third night our conversation went something like this - Mom: "I hope Kenzie sleeps better tonight." Me: "Oh, I'm sure she will - it can't get much worse, right?" Wrong. Last night she was up at 1:00, 3:30, 5:30, and 7:00. And of course at 3:30 I couldn't locate the binky in the dark crib and ended up knocking it against the wall, where it took both Matt and I (plus a hanger) to get it out. By the time we finally retrieved it, Kenzie had reached MAJOR MELTDOWN crying. Oh well - we are hoping it's just a phase - I'm sure we'll look back on this and miss all of the quality time we shared in the wee hours of the morning. :) Still, if anyone has any tips, feel free to share!


Grandpa and Tristan

Grandpa and Kenzie
Greetings from Panera Bread, where we are all currently crammed into a booth with two laptops, using the internet. Grandpa and Tristan are visiting this week, and we have had a great time! Matt is out at camp again, so he is missing all the fun. We have done a whole lot of nothing, which has been a nice break for the boys. There is a gorgeous state park across from our duplex where we have taken several walks, we went to the mall yesterday, Dad loves to take us out to eat, and then we spend the rest of the time sitting around watching Kenzie - she is very entertaining!


Rock n' Roll

Kenz finally rolled over on Memorial Day after trying really hard for several weeks. This is a picture of her right after she rolled for the first time. On monday she rolled from her back to her tummy, then on tuesday she rolled from her tummy to her back (but she's only done that a few times since then). Now every time we put her on the floor she is trying to flip over. Of course, once she's on her tummy she doesn't want to be, so she shrieks until someone rolls her back over.
We are getting settled in but still don't have internet at our house. Matt leaves for Sr. High camp tomorrow and then he has Jr. High camp the next week. Dad and Tris will be out a week from today - yeah!
Will post more once we get our internet hooked up - anyone reading from NTCC, we miss you!