Niners Camp

Hello hello! It has been forever since I have posted, I know, and I am sorry! We have been at a 9th grade camp in Illinois, with the church that we used to minister at. Matt was the speaker for the week, and we also took the youth praise band from our church here in Arkansas. It really went well, we had 12 kids make first time decisions to be baptized and lots of other rededications. Mackenzie and I pretty much just hung out all week, walked around the camp and swam in the pool! The top two pictures are of Mackenzie playing tether ball, which she loved. She also liked to sit in the carpet ball table and throw pool balls! The kids all loved her and she made a lot of new friends.
So today after doing a lot of laundry and taking a long nap, we went to dinner and to Target. We got Mackenzie a potty seat, which I was not planning on doing, because they kind of gross me out. We were just going to get her a seat that goes on top of the regular toilet, but the kid is so tiny that we decided to get her a little one that she can get on to herself. Anyway, she sat on it and looked at her potty book, and she went pee pee!!!! It was probably just a fluke, because she sat on their a long time, but it was still really exciting. We are hoping it is a sign that she will be easy to train!


My mom has been here this past week, so we have been busy having fun with Grandma! We walked to the park almost every day. Mackenzie loves the swings and the slides, and she is getting to where she can climb up stuff (almost) by herself. She also had her first hair "cut", although it was really just more of a trim - her hair was just falling in her face, so Grandma trimmed her bangs. She looks so cute! And last picture is the absolutely adorable outfit Grandma got her when we went to the mall. So, my mom had to leave today and we really miss her :( . But I am going to try and visit Colorado while Matt is in Mexico, in about 6 weeks.


Well, we have had kind of a crazy week! Not really the week, actually, but we had our first (and hopefully last...) trip to the emergency room on saturday. Mackenzie and I were at a garage sale, she was carrying a pair of shoes, dropped the shoe, and tripped on it. She fell right on her mouth, of course, and when I checked her out I noticed that the inside of her top lip was kind of wedged in between her front teeth. Sorry, I know that's kind of gross. Of course it was Saturday, so none of the local clinics were open. We headed to the er and got into the exam room pretty quick, but then waited an hour for the doctor (I know that still isn't too bad for the er, though!). It was kind of horrible - he numbed her mouth and tried to pull her lip out with a cotton swab and his finger. That didn't work, so he tried dental floss, and finally had to use this little pair of tweezer things. Poor baby - she did so good, just laid there like she knew she had to and held my hand. Then when we left she was still crying but she signed "thank you" to the doctor - it was so sweet. Once we got home she was great! I kept her on Motrin and Tylenol for a day, but she didn't even act like she was in any pain (although she really enjoyed the popsicles that daddy brought home for her!). So, anyway, that was enough excitment for a long time. We have had a fun week, though - today we had a playdate at the swimming pool, which was so fun! Oh, and the top two pictures are Mackenzie "stretching" with daddy before their daily run. She knows when daddy gets home that it is time to get her shoes and hat! The middle picture is Kenz playing with her fridge magnets today. I'm not sure if I posted about our cat (in the bottom picture) who was recently diagnosed with FIV, but if not that is a story for another day!