I don't know why this turned out sideways! But if you turn your head you can see Mackenzie dancing to Happy Feet.


Mackenzie's Birthday Party!

We had Mackenzie's birthday party today up at the church in the youth building. It was a big hit! We had a veggie tales theme (Kenzie's absolute favorite right now), and we were so lucky to have grammy and peepaw come all the way from Colorado, as well as Matt's parents, sister, our 3 nieces and 2 nephews, and our good friends Max and Amy. We had a bunch of stuff for the kids to play in and climb through. The Bob and Larry cake was also a big hit! I think everyone had a lot of fun. We can not believe that our baby girl is going to be TWO tomorrow!


Here are a few more pictures from our Colorado trip. We are back home now, and somebody has sure developed a bit of an attitude over the past few days. Last night I asked Mackenzie to help me pick up her balls (she took a bag of 100 plastic balls and covered the kitchen floor with them). She threw the biggest fit, crossed her arms and said "NO mamma, no want to!" And today we had to leave Atlanta Bread Co and eat in the car because she wanted a COOKIE and was going to let everybody know about it! Hmmm. I can definitely see that big TWO looming in the very near future!


We have gone for just a few walks since we got here. It is COLD and ICY!!!
Mackenzie loves to sit on the edge of the couch and play with this snow globe.
Here is a picture of Kenz in the dress that her great grandma sent for Christmas! It is so cute, and she even let me put the hat on for a few minutes to take a picture! I love that she is learning to smile for the camera now.


More Christmas Pictures!

Uncle Tristan and Kenzie playing with her laptop.
Checking out the new shopping cart.
Unwrapping presents.
Santa brought a new dolly!