Okay, I'm officially the worst blogger in the world. I can't believe its been over a month since I posted last! I'm sorry. We just spent three weeks in Colorado, and had a great time. My parents came down for a long weekend, drove us back with them, and then drove us home again. The only advice I have is do not try and drive straight through with a 2 year old who has to pee every 30 minutes and a baby who eats every 2 hours. It took us 16 hours on the way out, and then we wised up and took 2 days coming home. Aubrey is 12 weeks old now. She is still as sweet as ever and is mostly sleeping through the night (praise the Lord). She is grabbing at everything and trying hard to roll over. Mackenzie is busy and stubborn and tons of fun. She is very, um creative in trying to get her way (some might say manipulative, but I think creative is so much nicer, don't you?). She sings all the time and continues to amaze us with what she remembers and the things that she says. I will try not to wait another month to post again :) .