Wiped out but still glam!!!
Popping out of the cabinet
Reading books with cousins Madison and Karlee last night at Daddy's birthday party!
Looking at a calf at the fair today!
Matt shooting his bow - he is so excited for deer season.
So that's been our week so far! Mackenzie went number two in the potty this morning (oh the things you get excited about when you have a toddler...). Matt's birthday is tomorrow, so we had his family over for a little birthday party last night. We took Kenzie to the fair today - she loved the rabbits most.


Sportin' the diaper look!
So sweet - I never get sleeping pictures anymore cause I'm scared I'll wake her up!
Mackenzie the magpie.

So, I have pretty much been terrible about blogging lately. The only real excuse I have is that it's been so incredibly hot here that I'm sure my brain has melted into complete mush. That and there really isn't a whole lot going on! Mackenzie has had several traumatizing experiences lately and that is about it. Last week we had her 18 month well baby visit (18 months! Can you believe it?!). She did her usual scream-every-time-the-doctor-enters-the-room thing, even though she hardly had to touch her at all. She is doing really well, weighed in at 19 lbs, 12 oz, and is 30" tall. So she actually hasn't really grown much in the past few months, but she is healthy and happy and thriving, so no one is too worried about it. She did take another nasty fall on her mouth, the same spot that she fell on last time, so her doctor wanted us to take a trip to the dentist. That was also tons of fun, as you can imagine. He said her mouth looks good, though, so that's good news. Today I took her to get some 18 month pictures taken, which was A COMPLETE DISASTER. I'm positive the employees at Portrait Innovations will be talking about us for weeks to come.
As you can see from the above pictures, we have a new little member of the family. His name is Henry. He is a fantastic pet - Matt likes him better than the cats! He is very laid back and quiet, actually he pretty much just sits there and occasionaly does a lap or two around his cage. Mackenzie likes it when he runs around, so she sits by his cage yelling, "WUN, ENY, WUN!" (translation - run, henry, run). And she loves giving him treats.
Her other new hobby is collecting things. She will push around her stroller or find a bag and fill it up with all kinds of treasures. Last night when I cleaned out her stroller I found a sippy cup of water, her sunscreen, Matt's watch, one of my cookbooks, and a doll. She also likes to say "mommy" about 10,000 times a day for no apparent reason. If you stop by our house you are likely to hear this conversation:
Kenzie - "MOMMY"
Me - "Yes, Kenzie?"
Kenzie - "MOMMY!"
Me - "What Mackenzie"
Kenzie - "MOMMY!!!"
Me - ignoring her nicely
Kenzie - "MOMMY? MOMMY! MOMMY!!!"

You get the picture. It can make for some long days, but it is so much fun to be able to (sort of) have a conversation with her.


Wow, its been a long time since I have put up a new post! Mackenzie and I just got back from 10 days in Colorado while Matt took a group of kids to Mexico to build a house. We had a great time! Top picture is Mackenzie looking at the airplanes before we left. She is such a good flyer - everytime we fly everyone around us says what a good girl she is. She is quite the charmer, too, waving at everybody and saying "bye-bye!"
The next picture is Grandma and Mackenzie going down the slide together. Her favorite thing at the park is the swings, but she will go down the slide once or twice!
She loved trying on Grandma's hat - we are trying to find her one like it because its so darn cute on her!
The next picture is Mackenzie begging for some cake from Grandpa! She has a little bit of a sweet tooth :) .
The last picture is Mackenzie trying out little rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel when we went out to lunch the day before we left.