Oregon and More

My mom informed me on the phone tonight that it has been about a month since I updated my blog last - sorry! We have been very busy. We took a trip to Oregon where we surprised my dad for his (early) 50th birthday present. We had such a great time. Mackenzie was not a huge fan of the ocean, although she got better by the end of the week. She LOVED the sea lions and the seagulls (also known as eagles or beagles). Both girls were such great little travelers - we had two flights, one layover, and a two hour drive each way. About halfway through our trip I realized that our camera battery charger was not anywhere to be found. It took me another week at home to find it, so I could finally upload pictures! Then this weekend we found out that our cats had fleas... so that has been fun (sarcasm alert). So anyway, here are a few of my favorite pics from the trip and the past few weeks. If you want to see all of them (which I know you are dying to do :) ) you have to get a facebook account and friend me! ha ha.