Here is a video of Mackenzie doing a puzzle this morning - only she calls it making a puzzle :) . Please excuse her unbuttoned onesie and messy hair, it was before we got dressed today!


Well, it took a lot of work, but I finally convinced Matt that we needed another cat. I really do love having two cats, they just seem so much happier with another furry friend. Especially when we are out of town or something like that. So, we have been looking, and last week I saw this little black kitty at Petsmart. She was found as a stray when she was tiny and then spent a few weeks at the animal shelter. She was scheduled to be euthenized when a foster home took her in. She spent a month there and they decided to feature her at Petsmart, where I saw her. She was SO sweet, and I knew right away I wanted her! So I took Matt to meet her (of course he adores her), and we brought her home last weekend! She looks so much like Chloe, it is funny. We have to look twice to see which cat it is. And Mackenzie gets them mixed up all the time! Oh, her name is Maya. And she is just great with Mackenzie, lets her pet her and will actually stay on our laps when Kenz is up there, too.
We had one wonderful, short day of beautiful weather. Matt took Mackenzie outside to play when he got home from work, and she had a blast - she did not want to come in even after the sun went down and her hands were ice cold. We are so ready for spring!
Mackenzie picked me some flowers while they were outside - it was really sweet!


Mackenzie fell asleep on my lap the other day. I just love watching her sleep - she still looks like a baby :)
Here she is hanging out in her crib. I honestly think its a little strange (in a good way), but she loves to sit in her crib and look at books with one of her kiddie cd's playing. She will ask to go to her bed and listen to music, and she will stay in there for half an hour at least. I am glad that she can entertain herself like that!
She loves playing on our bed. Here she is buried under pillows the other day.


An armful of ducks!
Kenz playing in her tunnel.
Showin' off the big girl panties!


Here is Mackenzie hanging out on her potty. We are really working on the potty training right now, and most days she is doing great! Yesterday was the first time we took her out in public in her big girl panties. We went to Target, Kohls, and to eat, and she didn't have any accidents! Yay!
Here is a 24 week belly pic, for everyone who is just dying to see, lol.
Mackenzie has turned into an absolute monkey over the past week. I leave the room and come back, and she is on top of the couch, on top of the coffee table, on top of my bed, pretty much anything she can climb. Yesterday she was watching a movie on the little dvd player in her playroom while I did yoga in the living room. I went in to check on her and she had climbed inside her old cradle on top of all her stuffed animals and she had the dvd player on her lap. It was pretty cute. I got a picture before I took her out. :)