Mackenzie holding mommy's birthday balloon and looking at our first snowfall of the year!
Here she is with blue christmas balls - she has been wanting some for weeks and she carried them around all day.

Mackenzie is a little bit ocd :)

Aubrey trying out the high chair - she is such a big girl.

All the little girls on Thanksgiving - Madison, Mackenzie, Karlee, and Jacie.

Well, once again a month has come and gone and my blog has been neglected. Here are some recent events from our neck of the woods.
~ Aubrey had her first bottle. Yes, she is 6 months old and has never had a bottle - hey it is just easier to nurse her. But, I really wanted to go shopping on black friday with my good friend Brenda sans kiddos - who wants to take kids into that madness?! So we attempted a bottle. She did okay, didn't eat too much, but she survived the day!
~ Aubrey also had her first try at real food. She mostly likes grabbing the spoon but so far does not like cereal at all. We may try moving on to a different type of food and see if that goes over a little better.
~ We went to a Christmas parade and it was cold! But we had a lot of fun and both of the girls loved looking at the lights.


And here are some of our halloween pics! Mackenzie was a fairy, but when you asked she said, "no I am not a fairy. This is my pretty halloween dress." lol. We had a lot of fun - went trick or treating at the Fayetteville square and then at the mall. Mackenzie got the hang of it really quickly!

Fall Fun

Oops, this one should be last - the final product
Picking a pumpkin
cool hay

daddy and his girls

mommy's turn
I LOVE this one

Mackenzie's "baby" pumpkins

sweet girls