This week my mom, dad, and Tris came out for spring break and helped Matt build us a fence!!!!! His dad came out one day and helped, also. I forgot to get after pictures of the finished fence, but I will do that this week. It looks GREAT! I am so excited. Thank you again Aunt Martha, Kurt, Annamarie, Grandpa, and Grandma for the Christmas gift that helped out so much, too. :)


Mackenzie doing yoga! She loves doing the "stretching movie" with mamma.
We met Matt over at the park the other day for a picnic lunch. It was so nice, we are ready for spring!
30 (!) weeks! Only a little more than 2 months to go, I can't believe it.


Mackenzie obviously doesn't share her mommy's feelings about balloons.
Here's her new shades. She wears them all the time - in the house, to the park, to walmart - people get such a kick out of her. She thinks she's a little rock star or something :)
Here she is getting ready to watch Happy Feet. All those toys she is holding are penguins. The kid LOVES penguins. The three little ones are named Bill, Ted, and Other Bill. Then she also has baby penguin, which Grammy and Peepaw got her for her birthday. We think maybe she will grow up to study penguins or something.


So, I haven't ever really taken Mackenzie out to play in the snow. I'm a bad mommy, it takes forever to get her ready and then we are out there for 20 minutes. Oh, and it has only snowed her a couple of times this winter. But, we did get a little snow last night, so this morning I asked her if she wanted to go out. She had a great time. She wanted to wear her "mits" at first, but once we got out there she wanted them off so she could scoop the snow.

Mackenzie loves "playing" memory. We lay half of them out and give her the other card and let her find the match. She is really fast! One of these days she is going to be ready to take on her uncle Tristan :) .


Here are some pictures of Mackenzie playing in the yard the other day. We have been enjoying any warm weather we get! She could play outside all day long, she just loves it. She had a great time loading sticks in her wagon, picking weeds (oops, I mean flowers!), and collecting walnut shells (which she tried once to bite - goof). Anyway, we had a good time.
And I guess I haven't posted about the new baby for a long time! She is getting big, I can tell. Kicks a lot, her feet are way over on the right side. We did have an ultrasound and we are pretty much positive it is a girl. I am excited for Mackenzie to have a sister, and Matt is getting used to the idea of having a bunch of girls in the house! I was teasing him because even our cats are girls - I told him we will have to get him a boy dog in a few years or something.