Mackenzie being totally goofy while we were packing for Colorado.
Early Christmas morning.
Fixing Christmas breakfast!
Our white Christmas.

Well, I'm finally going to try and catch up on Christmas pictures! We have been having a great time out here in Colorado. We actually drove straight through - 14 hours - that is the first time we have attempted that with Mackenzie in tow. She did GREAT. She is such a fantastic little traveler. We left about 4 in the morning and she slept for the first couple of hours. And we had packed a few new videos and other early Christmas surprises for her. She was really really good.
The week before Christmas we just relaxed and finished up a few last minute things. We went to a Christmas party and my mom's work, which Mackenzie loved. Matt ran the sound system for my parents, and he also went out and got the sled run all ready!
On Christmas Eve we went to my aunt Aleda and uncle Jim's house up in Nederland. We had a very loud and exciting white elephant gift exchange - Matt ended up with a multi-purpose tool that he loves. Christmas morning was so much fun, except dad ended up having to work for awhile because it SNOWED! It was gorgeous, but there is always the drawback of him having to work. Mackenzie helped stir the eggs for breakfast, we had a huge feast and then opened presents. Mackenzie of course was totally spoiled! She got a shopping cart that she loves, a rocking horse that she really likes but is scared to get on right now, a new dolly, wood food, puzzles, a toddler lap top, new jammies.... I could go on and on! We all were very blessed, though, and we were just thankful to be with family on Christmas. I will post more pics, I promise!


Mackenzie absolutely loves hot chocolate. Except it has to be warm chocolate since she is very sensitive to things that are even remotely hot.
Here she is doing some gluing for a Christmas gift. We had a lot of fun and a lot of mess!
We got Madison and Karlee a tunnel for Christmas, and it was a huge hit will all three girls.
Mackenzie got a new trike from Nanny and Papa. She loves it, but it is going to take some practice to get the hang of the pedals!

So, I have some catching up to do! I can't believe how busy the past couple of weeks have been. We are all doing fine, aside from Mackenzie's never ending snotty nose and stubborn rash around her mouth that will NOT go away. Tonight we had our Christmas with Matt's family, and on tuesday we leave for Colorado!


Our cat Greyson died on wednesday. I posted a couple of months ago that he had FIV and I'm sure it was related to that. He went very peacefully in his sleep and had not been sick or anything. I miss him like crazy - I was his favorite person and I feel like I'm missing my shadow! Plus he was my napping buddy and lap warmer. He was so good with Mackenzie, too. This is the last picture I took of him and Chloe - they were in the playroom playing with Mackenzie's toys!
Last weekend we went to my inlaw's farm and cut down our Christmas tree. We almost didn't get one this year since we are going to CO for Christmas and will have to throw it out before we leave. But I'm glad we did - Mackenzie loves it and we made some good memories.
Here is our tree all set up next to our fireplace. Looks pretty cozy, doesn't it?!