At the park the other day. I have yet to find some sunglasses that will stay up.
The other day I was cleaning off the table when I heard a curious noise. I turned around and this is what I saw. Kenz had tried to feed the cats, and had dumped a half of a bag of cat food all over the kitchen floor! She was really upset, so I had to try really hard not to laugh.
Mackenzie's cousins came over to play the other night. This is Kenz and Karlee, who will be one next week. Every time we see them I realize that Karlee keeps growing, while Kenzie.... doesn't!
Matt and I had to tape Survivor on Thursday night, so Mackenzie couldn't watch her Little People video on the tv. I set up her little dvd player on the end of the couch - she thought that was pretty cool!


Mackenzie's Room

I know I posted a long time ago that I was painting Kenzie's room. I wanted to do her room first, because she had the sweetest room in Illinois that she never even got to sleep in! So I couldn't wait to do her room again. It was really fun and I am happy with how it turned out. Three walls are yellow and one wall is pink. I stenciled random flowers and butterflies on the yellow walls and did a long vine all the way across the top of the pink wall. For the pictures I found a children's book that I loved, and I cut it apart and pasted it together, then framed it. My mom had made the curtains for her old room, so we were able to use those again. We also had the letters in her old room, but I repainted them pink. I got her bookshelf at a garage sale and painted it white. She loves to sit on her floor and pull bunches of books off, but she also reads them, so I can't complain! You can't see it too well, but there is a rug on her floor that all of my aunts and my mom helped to make. They each made a few squares and then one of my aunts put it all together. It is soooo soft, and a really special gift. So that is Mackenzie's room! Now I am ready to move on to another part of the house, but I'm not sure what my next project will be!


Looking sweet, about to leave for church on Sunday.
Last weekend at the Clothesline Festival.
Kenzie likes playing with play doh, and she has only tasted it once or twice!
She loves to help me bake.
Poor Greyson. We are really trying to get her to stop laying all over him, but he just sits there and takes it.

I have been such a terrible blogger lately! I'm sorry. I will try and get better. Here are a few pictures from the past week or so. She and I have been a little under the weather all weekend, and she is still really crabby and whiney. But other than that we are doing okay! We are about to get really busy as all our fall stuff starts up on Wednesday.