Christmas with the Tibbits

Mackenzie doing yoga.

The little girls playing with their beads and tea party set.

Aubrey with her gifts.

Kenzie unwrapping her pop beads - those things are so fun!



Houston and Bailey

Destiny and Madison

Christmas in the Square

Here is a picture of Mackenzie feeding Aubrey. Aubrey is really not a fan of solid food at this point - when I try and feed her she clamps her little lips shut. But Kenz jumped up on the chair and tried the other day, and she ate for her! So now I let Mackenzie try and Aubrey does so much better for her! She also likes to take the spoon and feed herself, which is just a little on the messy side!

We took the girls to the square the other day (actually for our anniversay - 5 years!). They have an amazing light display, horses, camels, reindeer, even Santa (who Mackenzie calls Samuel). It was tons of fun.