Happy Halloween!

Here's our little ladybug! Oh my goodness, she was so cute. For some reason she thinks that it is a turkey, though! Every time she saw it she would say "turkey - gobble gobble gobble". And she screamed when I put it on her. But we ended up having fun. The church had a harvest festival with horse and buggy rides, and lots of games. Mackenzie was too little for most of it, but she loved the buggy ride, and I think she liked everyone telling her how cute she was :) .


Your Turn, Daddy!

Pumpkin Time!

Last night we "carved" our pumpkin. I actually found a kit that had these cookie cutter type things with a sharp edge that you put on the pumpkin and hit with a wooden mallet. I thought Mackenzie would be able to help out more with that than with a knife! It turned out really cute, and she had a great time. She and Matt took turns hitting the pumpkin, and when she wasn't hitting the pumpkin she was wacking the table!


Colorado Trip

My mom had some flowers set out, and Mackenzie was walking around letting everyone smell them and saying "mells good. mells good." It was funny, because they actually didn't smell good at all.
We took Mackenzie back to the butterfly pavillion. They have a big tarantula (I have no idea if that's how you spell that), my mom and dad were brave enough to hold it, and Mackenzie really liked watching it. She likes bugs.
They also have star fish that the kids can touch, which Kenz thought was way cool. She is a brave girl.
Also at the butterfly pavillion.
Here is a big doe that was in my parent's yard one night when we got home.
One night we went up to Estes park to listen to the elk bugle. You can see a big field of elk in the background.
Another day in Estes we found a pond with ducks to feed. Mackenzie got a big kick out of throwing food at the ducks.
Mackenzie on the porch swing.
Playing with uncle Tristan.
With great-grandpa Tom. He was showing her how to put the lid back on the water bottle.

So that's a little snapshot of our trip. We had a great time, and got to see some of our family that we haven't seen for a long time. We sure miss grammy and pepaw, though!


Well, I am using colored font to try and make this post more interesting because I don't have the camera cord to put pictures up! Mackenzie and I are actually in Colorado! My mom usually comes to see us about this time of year, but they just moved into a new house in the mountains. They have been doing a ton of work on it, so she really didn't want to leave right now, plus I wanted to see it!
We flew out on thursday, Mackenzie was perfect on the flight, as usual. On friday we got to see Uncle Tristan. He came up to the house and we drove to Estes Park to see the elk and listen to them bugle. It was really cool. Saturday... hmmm. I can't remember what we did! But anyway, my aunt also came up from Kansas to help my mom, so they have been getting a lot of painting and whatnot done. I have mostly been chasing Kenzie around since there is A LOT of stuff for her to get into right now. Oh, and yesterday we went down to Estes to do laundry. While we were waiting for it to dry we found a pond with fish and ducks to feed. Mackenzie LOVED it, I will post pics after we get home.
That is about all. Just wanted to let you know that we haven't dropped off of the face of the earth! Oh, and GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, I'm going to be pretty excited if this works! I tried uploading a video of Mackenzie dancing. She loves the Dr. Jiggle Veggie Tale (its on the Snoodle Tale disc). She dances and claps whenever he gets through dancing. It is too funny. So hopefully this will work for your viewing enjoyment!


The other day when we went to the park there were huge spiderwebs everywhere. I mean, like hundreds and hundreds of them. It looked like they had come through and decorated for Halloween! It was kind of creepy.
We are thinking that Mackenzie going to be some kind of scientist. She will walk around at the park and pick up leaves, touch trees, and poke at bugs. Its kind of funny since she really doesn't like getting all dirty.

The other night Kenz picked up the camera and said "smile!" so I took it and told her to smile. I thought it turned out pretty cute!