Aubrey crawled off while I was trying to get her jammies on. I guess she really likes her Praise Baby DVD and was trying to get a closer look he he.

Here she is showing a little bit of her temper. She got stuck under the excersaucer and man was she ticked.

Mackenzie and Aubrey opening their Valentine's treats from Grammy and Peepaw :)

At the park the other day.

Mackenzie sliding... with her bucket :)



I'm so sorry, blogger just does not like me these days. It will not let me post more than 5 pictures at a time! So anyway, here are some pictures from the aquarium. We went to the Oklahoma Aquarium when we took my mom to the airport last week - it was a blast. We got to watch them feed the sharks, the otters, and the beavers. The otters may have been a little bit too much education for Mackenzie - they threw LIVE goldfish into the tank and the otters swam around and caught them - eek! But it didn't seem to bother her. She loved the turtles. Oh, and there was a tunnel thing that went through the shark tank - that was a big hit.
Last picture is Aubrey up on her knees. That was last week, this week she is pulling all the way up to her feet. She also has a constant bump or red mark on her head from falling over so much! Aaaah! I try but I just can't catch her every time.


Sharing with sis.
Aubrey reading Mackenzie's new books from the Smiths!

Aubrey getting in on some wrapping paper fun.

Lots of new play doh from mommy and daddy.

Excited about a package in the mail from the McFarlands

Sorry, blogger flipped out on me last night so I will finish posting pics now!


Penguin Party

Well, we have had a very exciting week or so. My mom and dad came into town the weekend of Mackenzie's birthday party and we had a lot of fun with them. Then we had her much anticipated penguin party on the 25th. Then, on her birthday, we were hit with an ice storm. It knocked out our power from tuesday until friday. We spent one night in a hotel because our gas fireplace was emmiting a lot of nasty fumes. The next day we came home and opened some windows while the fireplace burned off the "new" smell, which was not dangerous, just annoying. After that we were able to stay at home, cooking on a camp stove outside and playing games by candlelight. I don't think I've ever been so excited to do laundry or run my dishwasher on the day the power came back on. My mom was also in town all week, so we had quite the adventure. Yesterday we took her to Tulsa for her flight home, and since we were there we spent the day at the Oklahoma Aquarium. I am going to post some birthday pics, ice storm pics, and some from our trip the the aquarium.