Mackenzie taking a "nap" in the cabinet.
Aubrey somehow got herself under Mackenzie's doll stroller - she is VERY mobile these days, I never know where she is going to end up!

This is one of the typical faces we get when we try and feed Aubrey. She hates solid food unless its puffs - she enjoys those. The doctor thinks she will probably just skip baby food and go straight to table food here in a couple of months.

We went on a VERY long very eventful hike the other day and Aubrey finally fell asleep in the bjorn.

Family pic on the hike.

Kenzie and daddy reading the newspaper.

Mackenzie climbing UP the slide at the park - goof.

Aubrey with her cup.

Here she is working on some puffs - she gets about 1/3 in her mouth and the rest on the floor or in her chair :)


Christmas Pics

Our last night in CO, we had a big turkey dinner.

We went on a sleigh ride - it was so much fun! And SO cold!!!

The girls in their adorable Christmas outfits from Great Grandma Plank.

Mackenzie on Christmas morning.

Aubrey and Grammy.

Mackenzie and Peepaw.

Christmas Eve.

Sledding with Daddy.

Here's some hightlights from our Christmas trip! They are all out of order, but you get the general idea!