Mackenzie and Grandpa playing peek-a-boo under the dining room table. She really loves her Grandpa!


Here is Mackenzie after she had her first taste of chocolate chip cookie. She loved it - she is definitely her mommy's girl when it comes to chocolate! She kept signing "more, more" - it was really cute.

Here she is lounging under the kitchen table at my parent's house. Yep, she has on boy pj's because I am having the worst time finding heavy sleepers in her size! But she likes these because they have a dog on them.

Matt's students had a great time skiing and snowboarding. Two of them did have to go the the emergency room on the first day, which was really scary, but they were both fine. One of the girls couldn't ski anymore because she pulled a muscle in her knee. Other than that, everyone made it with minimal injuries. They are going shopping today and leaving to drive home tomorrow. It has been really fun! We are still supposed to close on Tuesday, but they still had a lot to do on the house, so we are hoping that everything goes as planned.


Here is Mackenzie before our walk the other day. It was kind of chilly out, but nice and sunny - a typical Colorado spring day!

Playing with blocks.

Mackenzie has a new walking toy that my mom and I found for her at the second hand store. She loves it, and will do laps around the house until whoever is walking with her gets tired of it! I think she looks so tiny in this picture with Grandpa.


I'm back! Sorry it has been a few days since I have posted. We have been covering a lot of miles! Mackenzie and I left on Tuesday and flew to Colorado. We ended up flying out of Tulsa because I found such a good deal on a ticket (Tulsa is about 2 hours from our house). Matt is bringing a group of kids out to go skiing and snowboarding - they will be here on Saturday. My mom and I are cooking for them, so we have been getting organized with our menu, and tomorrow we are going to Sams to shop! Since we are closing on the 27th, my parents are planning on driving back with us to help us move. Whew! No wonder I haven't had time to post! :) It is going to be a busy few weeks, but Matt is so excited about the ski trip, and so are the kids. It should be fun - I'm sure some of them have never seen mountains like they are going to see! That is pretty much all that is going on in our world - Mackenzie is just having a great time getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa!


Almost Ours!

Okay, here is a picture of our new house! Well, not ours quite yet, but soon! I will post some pictures of the inside after we move our stuff in at the end of the month. We went over today to check up on the progress of all the finish work (Matt did a walk through last week and put blue tape on everything that needs to be finished before we close). The top picture is Mackenzie checking out her new closet! We also measured for blinds (Matt in the middle picture - I could have helped, but it was more fun taking pictures of him doing it =) ).


Mackenzie has started standing up on her own and also walking all over the place with her walking toys. I think she could walk on her own if she would try, but she wants to make absolutely sure before she tries! Plus she's working on other stuff right now!

Kenzie has climbed into this little basket 3 or 4 times she keeps getting stuck! I gave it to her to put laundry in, put right now her goal in life is to climb on or in to everything she possibly can.

Chloe and Mackenzie playing - they are two little peas in a pod.

Pigtails! Girls are so much fun...

Like I said, Mackenzie likes to climb into EVERYTHING lately. Here she is inside her toy box. She was actually trying to reach the cd player behind it - turning things on and off is also one of her current hobbies.


Here is one of Mackenzie's very favorite toys - Greyson's tail. And she figured out that if you pull it hard enough, he makes a really fun noise that she likes to copy. Just so you know, I don't actually let her continue to do this to him, I just had to get a quick picture because it is really kind of funny. :)

Here is Kenz standing up inside her hippo. Not quite what it's for, but what can I say? She's creative.


Mackenzie LOVED this dump truck at MOPS. She kept climbing into the back of it and cried when a little boy wanted to play with it!

Here is Mackenzie hugging her baby. She is such a good little mommy - she hugs them and pats their backs - it is soooo cute!

Being totally goofy.

I know I haven't been good about giving updates on the house situation - sorry! The sellers have been very stubborn and only counter-offered a thousand dollars lower than their asking price after our first offer. We countered again and didn't hear anything for a week - turns out they were keeping us on hold because they thought that they were going to get another offer. They did finally counter again, and although it wasn't quite what we were hoping for, we accepted it. We just know that we are not going to get another chance to get a house like this. It is new construction but on an older street with a few other new homes as well as some older homes that are in good shape. It is a 3 bed 2 bath, 1500 sq. foot (pretty typical for this area), and it also has a little bonus room off of the living room that I love. So as of now our closing date is March 27. We can not wait to move, especially since someone just moved into the duplex behind us (attached to ours), and we also got some new neighbors to the side who own enough cars to open a small used car lot. And then there are the neighbors on our other side whose kids like to celebrate new year's with horns right during Mackenzie's naps. So, as you can imagine, we are sooooo excited and ready to move! And we feel so blessed to be able to have this house. Not so excited to move, but it is so worth it! We will keep you all posted on the move and whatnot.