Kenzie's Big Girl Toothbrush!

The other day Mackenzie was sitting on our bathroom counter while I fixed her hair. She grabbed my toothbrush and started going at her teeth with it, so I decided that it was time to get her a big girl toothbrush of her own! Until now we had been using the little rubber thing, which she has come to hate. So while we were at Target we let her pick out a toothbrush. She LOVES it. I mean, this kid is seriously going to have the cleanest teeth ever. She throws a fit every time I have to put it up! But, at least she likes brushing, I can't complain too much about that - I'll just enjoy it while it lasts =) .


Here are a few pictures from our house this week. Mackenzie has been a little under the weather - she had Roseola, which is a virus where you run a fever and then get a rash all over the place. She is feeling much better, though, and we really don't have that much else going on! We are boring, lol :) . Hope you all are doing great!


Just lookin pretty cute!

Here is Mackenzie playing with her new Little People Noah's Ark - I got it at a yard sale for $3!

Little dare devil climbing on her trike.


At The Park

I took Mackenzie to the park for the first time the other day. She had such a good time! She loves the swings (for a few minutes), and she had a great time crawling on the playground equipment. I also wanted to let you all know that she took her first steps a few weeks ago, didn't take any more until two days ago, and now she has been trying quite a bit! She can really do it well when she wants to, but usually plops down after 4 or 5 steps. I think she is going to be a perfectionist - its like she wants to know that she can do it perfectly before she tries!


I talked to my mom last night, and she told me I needed to put more pictures up on my blog - so here you go! The top is Mackenzie playing outside. The middle is Matt putting lotion on her after her bath - she was just lounging! The bottom two are her eating black beans for dinner the other night. She LOVES beans, I think it is probably her favorite food. She looked like a little man with a beard, though! She was a huge mess, but I guess I could say that almost every day at least once :) .


Easter At Our House

We had a fun Easter (just the three of us, which was kind of strange), and as you can see, Mackenzie had to wear her winter hat outside to hunt eggs! It was really cold. The second picture is Kenz enjoying her Easter treat - a malted milk egg that daddy gave her. The next picture is her going down the slide on her new climbing set. I know that is kind of a big Easter gift, but we had really just been wanting to get her a little toddler jungle gym for the yard, and we used Easter as an excuse :). I won't bore you with 12 pictures of her picking up each and every egg, but the bottom two pics are her finding a few of them. She loved the eggs, although she thought they were balls and kept throwing them for the cats (which they didn't mind). I hope all of you had a wonderful day - we definitely missed you!


I can't believe that just a few days ago we were playing outside with Mackenzie in a onesie! Now it is about 30 degrees outside. Yuck. Anyway, she absolutely LOVES playing outside and screams like crazy when we have to come in. Every time we walk by the door she points and signs "please". It is really cute.

Kenz has started doing this funny crab crawl thing outside where she walks on her feet and her hands (the cement hurts!).

Here is Kenzie riding backwards on her trike.

Have a wonderful, blessed Easter!


All Moved In

Well, we are all moved in! We have had a busy week, but our duplex is empty and clean and all our stuff is at least somewhat in the general area where it is supposed to go. We had problem after problem with our closing and didn't end up actually closing until Friday, but since it was the bank's problem we were able to move in starting on Tuesday (our original closing date), with the bank paying rent for us to live here. My parents were here until Friday and helped us sooooo much (we could not have done it without them!). Now we are unpacking, which is always fun (where did all this stuff come from?). Matt installed all of our blinds yesterday, so no more blankets over the windows! We also got a new fridge to match all of our other (black) appliances. The middle two pictures are Mackenzie "helping" me unpack the plastic from the fridge. She would not stay out of it! So, despite some little quirks about the house (one outlet in the master bath/closet?) we are really loving it here and feel so blessed to finally have a house again!