Last week Mackenzie and I discovered this park about 25 minutes from our house. I can't believe we've lived here for 2 years and I didn't know about it until now! It is so much fun. It is actually right in back of a library. There is a huge duck pond, walking trail, playground, and waterpark for when she gets older. She had so much fun we went back a few days later with daddy.
Tea party.
Our second trip to the duck pond.
Here is a picture of our finished fence. I love our big tree in the corner. Actually it is the only tree we have right now - I am wanting to plant more soon.
Mackenzie got her first pair of two piece jammies. She looked so grown up, it made us kind of sad.


35 weeks!

Just being goofy.


Mackenzie helping fill up the bird feeder.
I love this picture - my mom taught her how to put her sunglasses on top of her head, and now she has been doing it all the time.
Playing the drum she painted.
So today we went to the doctor and found out the baby is breech. They aren't going to get too worried until my next appointment at 36 weeks. But, I would rather try some things to turn her rather than have them try. Any advice? I have heard some crazy things already, but I am willing to try anything! Deb, I know one or two of those babies had to have been breech! :)