Aubrey and Mackenzie in their new seats. Well, Mackenzie's is new, Aubrey is in Mackenzie's old seat which is still new to her :)

Aubrey likes to feed herself. She actually won't let me feed her at all. I have to put the food on the spoon and then hand it to her. She does pretty well but its a huge mess every time!

The girls playing in the laundry basket.

Mackenzie doing a yoga pose.
Well, we are just plugging along looking forward to spring! We were all pretty sick over the past few weeks, all except Aubrey ended up on antibiotics, yuck. Thankfully we are over that. My mom and dad came out for a visit and we had a great time. We got one nice day at the park, and then had a few rainy days. But we still had a good time. Aubrey is keeping busy sprouting teeth and getting into everything. She now cruises around furniture and also tries to crawl over, under, or through anything she possibly can. She also has a knack for finding any possible choking hazard on the floor and putting it in her mouth. Mackenzie puts up patiently with her sister for the most part! She loves dresses and purses and putting her hair in braids. She is my little diva!


So, finally some new pictures. We have been having computer issues. Our laptop that we were using bit the dust and so we were without for a week or so, and now Matt has rigged up a desktop from spare parts at the church. It isn't ideal, but will have to do for now. So, it took me a little while to figure out how to put pics on this computer and all that good stuff. Anyway. The girls are doing great. Mackenzie just cracks me up all day long. Today she was running around the house yelling, "no loud boys, no loud boys!" I could not figure out what she was talking about until I realized that one of her older friends had put up signs on her door that said "No boys allowed". I guess that is how her little mind heard it!
Aubrey is giving me gray hair! She is pulling up on everything and starting to take little steps around the coffee table, and last night she just decided to let go of her play table and promptly fell right on her head. She is my adventure loving little one, but still so easy going and sweet.
We are enjoying some warmer days - there are a few pictures from a week or so ago when we went to the park to fly Mackenzie's new kite. It was so much fun!