I got tagged by Deb and her gang over at momof12andlovingit.blogspot.com! Here are my answers to some book questions (although all of our books are still packed, so I'm going to have to go by memory):

Book that changed your life: The Bible. Lots of books have changed my life, but this one continues to challenge me, and hopefully change me! Other books that have made a huge impact on me are The Jesus I Never Knew (Yancey), Redeeming Love (I can't remember the author right now), and Signature of Jesus (Manning).

One book that you have read more than once: Just one?! I read a lot of books over and over again. I have read Charlotte's Web and Little Women many times.

Favorite Book Ever: This one is too hard. I really don't know, there are so many that I absolutely love. The two above mentioned would have to make the list. I also love all of Jan Karon's Mitford books. They are excellent. We also love Harry Potter (not for kids!). The Watsons Go To Birmingham is one of my favorite older kid's books, and Love You For Always is one of my favorite younger kid's books. I also have to mention Fly Away Ladybug, which has been Mackenzie's favorite book since she was tiny.

One book that made you laugh: Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy. It is hilarious.

One book that you wish you had written: This is kind of a strange question. I guess there are a lot of children's books that I think, "That is such a cute idea, and so simple. I wish I would have thought of that and made tons of money." Like the Eric Carle books.

One book that I wish had never been written: The Book of Mormon. It has misled and brainwashed millions of people.

One book that you are currently reading: Actually, not any right now, other than What to Expect the First Year.

One book that you have meant to read: I am wanting to read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which I hear is really good. Also A Tale of Three Kings, recommended by another minister at the church.

I know there are so many more, but those are the ones that come to mind! I would like to tag my brother, because he has read so many cool books, but unfortunatly, he doesn't have a blog! So, Kacie, if you see this, I will tag you!


Busy Girl

Mackenzie doing her favorite thing - grabbing! She is after everything right now, especially things she shouldn't have! And she doesn't like it when you take it away!

Mackenzie drinking out of her cup. She arches her back and leans so far that she usually ends up dropping it behind her.

A big, still toothless, grin.


Kenzie's First Colorado Hike

Tonight Matt suddenly realized that he could move the pictures on to the laptop at the church, so even though my cable isn't quite here yet, here are a few from the hike we took the last day we were in Colorado.

Today is Mackenzie's 7 month birthday! We all celebrated by catching her cold and taking naps this afternoon. More pics tomorrow!


Well Baby Visit

Mackenzie had a well-baby visit the other day, although she woke up that morning with a runny nose! They still decided to give her immunizations since she wasn't running a fever. She is doing great, and weighed in at 15 lbs (or somewhere around there - she kept trying to sit up in the baby scale, so we couldn't get an exact reading), and is 25 3/4 inches tall. She is in the 45% for weight and about the same for height. The pediatrician said everything looks great! Yesterday she did run a fever, probably from the shots, and she still has a little bit of a cold, but today she seems to be doing better.


Arkansas Again

Hello All!
We are back (and busy) in Arkansas again. I left the cable for my camera in Colorado, so I won't be able to post any new pictures until I get that in the mail - sorry! We had a great time and it was, as always, hard to leave. On our last day we went for a hike with Mackenzie in a back carrier. She was wonderful and seemed to enjoy it, and we all had fun. We left on Friday and stayed the night in Kansas, and finished the drive on Saturday. It is a loooooong drive. Mackenzie was really good. She doesn't sleep that much when we drive, so I spend about half the time in the backseat pulling out new toys for her. I don't know where she gets that from, since I could probably sleep the whole way back. I think she got used to being held a lot while we were there (imagine that!), because yesterday and today she hasn't wanted to play by herself for more than a few minutes. We'll have to work on that. When she is on the floor she is working on crawling. She can wiggle and scoot herself in a circle and can sometimes reach toys. She can also get one knee up, but usually ends up rolling over when she tries to pull the other knee up. She will be all over the place before long!
Fall programs are going to start in just a few weeks, so Matt has been busy getting sponsors lined up for all his activities. Mackenzie and I have just been getting settled back in, going for walks and trying to get caught up on the laundry! She also has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I will have an update on that (although if they tell me her teeth are getting close to coming in again, I will probably just laugh. I don't think this poor baby is ever going to get her teeth!) I will post pics ASAP.


100 Things About Me

I got this idea from another blog and thought it sounded like fun, so here are 100 things about me that you probably know, but maybe not!

1. I love Jesus!
2. I have been married for 2 1/2 years.
3. I got married in Missouri, in December
4. It snowed a lot the night before my wedding
5. I have lived in Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas
6. I never thought that I would live in Missouri, Illinois, or Arkansas
7. I went to Bible College
8. I graduated with an associate's degree in Bible and Education
9. I also went to a state college
10. I am married to a youth minister
11. I have a beautiful almost 7 month old baby girl
12. I could easily use all 100 things on her, because I think she is the most amazing baby ever born!
13. I have a cat
14. I also have a dog, but he doesn't live with me right now :)
15. I have a gerbil who is very old in gerbil years.
16. I have plants, but only because my mom got them for me.
17. I like plants, but I do not have a green thumb. Usually I kill plants.
18. My husband has an excellent green thumb. Together we can usually keep plants alive.
19. I have a younger brother who I love very much.
20. I love Colorado
21. I love the mountains.
22. I love my parents - I think they are the best parents ever.
23. My mom and I often think the same thing at the same time.
24. My mom and I both get occasional cravings for powdered sugar donuts.
25. Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower.
26. Lilacs are my second favorite flower.
27. When I was little, my mom used to pick lily of the valley and give me some before I left for school.
28. I love chocolate.
29. I love reading.
30. I especially love children's books.
31. I also love reading magazines, especially parenting and baby magazines.
32. I probably read too much baby stuff.
33. I breastfeed my baby.
34. I think everyone should try to breastfeed, unless of course you are the dad.
35. I love walking but I hate running
36. I try to excercise regularly.
37. I love photography, and I have a darkroom at my parent's house.
38. I love chocolate chip cookies.
39. I love milk.
40. Colorado is my favorite place on earth.
41. I do not like people touching my toenails. This does not affect my daily life, but I wouldn't want a pedicure.
42. I do not like talking on the phone unless it is with my mom. But I am trying to get better.
43. I like putting away groceries. I know, it's weird.
44. I love the smell of my daughter's bedtime bubble bath and lotion.
45. I love swimming, but not in creeks or lakes.
46. I want to go to Europe some day.
47. I am germaphobic. I always have hand sanitizer.
48. I like wheat bread, not white.
49. When I was little, I wanted to be an artist, a vet, and a mom. But mostly a mom.
50. My birthday is November 30.
51. I always wished my birthday was in the spring.
52. I do not like the sound of people brushing their teeth.
53. My husband and I would like to adopt a child someday.
54. In the meantime, I want to adopt another cat so that Greyson has a friend.
55. I love animals. I never turn away a stray dog or cat (just ask my husband)
56. I like girly movies.
57. I don't like movies about animals because they always get hurt or die.
58. I love Christmas.
59. I love Christmas trees.
60. I love Christmas lights.
61. I love Christmas cookies.
62. I love Christmas Eve church.
63. I love Christmas day breakfast.
64. I love buying people presents.
65. I do not like fish. Eating them or feeling them swim next to me.
66. I am thinking about getting Mackenzie a fish tank because she likes looking at them. Matt will have to clean it.
67. I love visiting the ocean.
68. I love baking, especially things with chocolate
69. My favorite stores are Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning, Kohls, and Target. Oh, and Walmart.
70. I also like garage sales.
71. Some of my favorite movies are You've Got Mail, Runaway Bride... I have more, but I can't think of any right now.
72. My favorite books are Harry Potter. Yes, really.
73. I don't like video games.
74. I am a reality tv fan. We watch Survivor, Apprentice, and I could watch A Baby Story all day if I didn't make myself turn it off.
75. Our favorite non-reality tv show is Grey's Anatomy.
76. I don't mind doing laundry, but I hate putting it away.
77. I also hate taking out the trash.
78. I am terrible at most sports.
79. Someday I want to open up a children's book/educational toy store. In Colorado.
80. Most of the girls in my family have two toes that are slightly webbed. It is yet to be seen if Mackenzie has them.
81. I have a huge scar on my right shoulder where I had a birthmark removed.
82. My favorite season is spring.
83. My second favorite season is fall.
84. Winter is tied for my second favorite season.
85. I love snow. I used to love it more when I didn't have to drive in it.
86. Summer is my least favorite season. I used to like it more, but then I moved to the midwest. 87. I love clean towels and clean sheets.
88. I hate living far away from my family.
89. I love Starbucks.
90. I finally live near a Starbucks.
91. My favorite band of all time is Third Day.
92. I have worked in two daycare centers, as a children's intern at a church, in a children's clothes store, and currently, as a mommy and "domestic manager". This has been my favorite. :)
93. I am stubborn.
94. Mackenzie is stubborn already.
95. If I could have one wish, it would be that everyone I love and care about could live in the same place.
96. If I could have two wishes, I would wish for one whole night's sleep, undisturbed.
97. My favorite outfit is jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops.
98. I hate going to the doctor.
99. My favorite book of the Bible is Philippians.
100. Did I mention that I like chocolate?


Kenzie and Charley

Mackenzie and Charley hangin' out. She loves the dogs and laughs and flaps her arms every time they play.
Kenz with my cousin Jenna, who will be 14 this week!

Yesterday Mackenzie discovered that her feet will actually go into her mouth. She was chewing on her poor little toes so much that Grandma was just sure they would be sore today.

Such a big girl in the highchair at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Playing cards with Uncle Tristan.



Mackenzie is having one of those weeks when things just seem to connect in her brain and she learns a whole lot all at once. A day or two ago she started saying (yeah, SAYING, as in, talking) "Hiiiiya", when someone says "Hi" to her. We thought maybe we were just imagining it, but at lunch today the waitress said "hi!" to her, and she lifted up her hand and said, "hiiiiya" clear as day. The waitress laughed and laughed, so sense a stranger heard it, we know she really is saying it. I have also suspected that I've heard her say "Yay" when we were clapping for her, and "Owie" when she pulled my hair, but I can't be totally sure. She also has started opening and closing her mouth as she watches people talking, but without making any noise. It is so cute, and you can just see her trying to join in the conversation. Amazing, watching her discover the world!


The Babies

Kenzie playing on the floor with her new farm activity blanket that we found at a garage sale last weekend.

Uncle Tristan and Mackenzie.

Charley, our BIG baby who is staying with my parents until he is somewhat under control. Right now he is 80 pounds of pure puppy, and still growing.


Kenz and Grandpa

Mackenzie hangin' out on Grandpa's lap, and looking pretty pleased about it.



Mackenzie and I are still in Colorado. Matt was supposed to come out today, but his Grandpa passed away yesterday after struggling with a brain tumor for several months. We would appreciate your prayers for his family during this time. Because of the circumstances, he will be coming out a week from monday instead. We can't wait to see him! My aunt Aleda arrives tomorrow from Kansas, so we are looking forward to seeing her. That's our update - more pictures tomorrow, I promise!


Leaving For A Walk

We have been taking a lot of walks around the lake by my parent's house since we got here. Mackenzie loves walks, and yesterday she rode on Grandma's back since part of the trail is dirt and it is hard to steer her stroller. She seemed to enjoy the change of view, and even took a little nap!


The Butterfly Pavilion

On Tuesday we went to the butterfly pavilion. My mom held Rosie, the tarantula. We saw lots of butterflies, a beehive, and some other creepy crawly things, and had a really fun time.

Grandpa and Kenzie looking at a butterfly. We didn't think she would really care about them, but she loved them!

Grandma, Kenzie, and Grandpa looking at a pretty butterfly.



We made it to Colorado safe and sound on Saturday night, and no, we did not check Mackenzie with the baggage. All went well with traveling - Kenzie was wonderful and barley made a sound the entire flight. She did, however, attempt to eat her boarding pass while mom and I were busy looking for our gate:

Luckily she ate only small bits at a time and did not choke. We have had a great time so far. My aunt Martha and my cousin Annamarie are also here. Mackenzie loves watching Annamarie, and Annamarie loves helping with Mackenzie. Here is a picture of Annamarie washing Kenz the other night during her bath:

Mackenzie also gets a huge kick out of the dogs and laughs and squeals every time they are in the room!